Nick and Kawika are back as a duo this week. The two nitwits converse on topics including, dogs vs cats, getting away with public flatulence, and if w...View Details

Can Of Spam is back! With some hectic times in our midst, Nick and Kawika had to take a few weeks off, but fret not! They are back with Agent Oahu for...View Details

This week on the Can Of Spam podcast, the Poopitarian has invited his older brother Bruce onto the show to share in the poopocity. They break down ess...View Details

On this special nerd edition of Can Of Spam Nick and Kawika have their South African pal Bret back for some otherworldly discussion. With SpaceX launc...View Details

The hits just keep on coming. Agent Oahu is back to join the Poopitarian and Old Man Lopez for another hilarious episode. This week they discuss vario...View Details

The Can Of Spam podcast is your weekly serving of deep belly laughs. Each talk show style episode is full of hilarious stories, buffoonish games, and ...View Details

This week we introduce a new guest to the show. Jeff is a friend of the pod who graces us with a few stories this week included one involving a thrill...View Details

Our South African pal Bret is back this week to grace everyone with his sexy foreign accent. Together with Nick and Kawika, they discuss stray animals...View Details

In the second half of episode 39, Nick, Nick and Kawika dive into their nose picking habits and what is considered acceptable. To summarize, Kawika ha...View Details

In part one of this special two part episode, we have Agent Oahu back in the house to join The Poopitarian and Old Man Lopez. Together they wax comedi...View Details

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